Edugrammer is the brain child of Tina Redd, M.S., M.S.Ed. Beginning her professional career as a software developer, she was able to gain skills in technical project management and leadership as she rose up the ranks to a respected senior developer. In that role, she mentored other developers and started the beginning of her organization’s training program.

Having a life-long interest in learning and education, Tina discovered that training was a natural fit. This is why when the opportunity presented itself to form and lead an entire training department, she jumped at the chance and switched professional paths from software development to education.

As she begun building teams and her career as a professional educator, Tina dug back into her software development toolbox as she noticed there was much that each field could lend to the other. One of her favorite studies is the alignment of the software development life cycle (SDLC) with foundational ADDIE framework in instructional design.

Tina’s expertise has made her a thought leader in the field of instructional design and technology, developing creative and one-of-a-kind solutions to diverse educational problems. Her areas of specialty are:

  • Developing and implementing communication processes
  • Analyzing organizational roles and building training teams
  • Implementing collaborative tools (including knowledgebases and knowledge management systems)
  • Instructional project management
  • Developing Level 1 surveys and evaluation instruments
  • Converting instructor-led trainings to e-learning.

Tina’s educational background is as diverse as her professional experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Wayne State University in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Science degree from Boston University in Computer Information Systems, and a Master of Science in Education degree from Purdue University in Curriculum and Instruction. She is currently a doctoral student working to complete her Doctor of Education degree from Grand Canyon University in Adult Learning.


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